Safran’s JIM Compact™ infrared binoculars selected by Denmark

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The NATO Support and Procurement Agency recently selected Safran Electronics & Defence to deliver several dozens of long range multifunctional thermal imagers to the Danish Armed Forces. The selection of Electronics & Defence confirms its position as a world’s leading portable optronics equipment manufacturer.
Weighing less than two kilos including the battery, the latest generation JIM Compact stands out by its compactness, robustness, autonomy and intuitive ergonomics designed for day and night contact operations. This SWaP+ -Size, Weight and Power with more functions- system is equipped with wireless communication capabilities such as WiFi and Bluetooth. This multi-function binocular portable optronic equipment combines a high-resolution cooled infrared channel, a TV channel, an integrated “see-spot” capability, a laser pointer, a laser range finder, a low-level light channel (LLL), a digital magnetic compass as well as an integrated GPS receiver.
JIM Compact will provide the Danish Armed Forces with unprecedented operational capabilities and fulfill a broad range of operational needs, including day and night observation, target acquisition, artillery and fire correction, forward observer and Joint Tactical Air Controller, in all-weather environments. This handheld optronics system also features the “Long Range Sniper” (TELD) function.

Al Jundi

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