Russian Su-57 to get new engines

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Russian Ministry of Defence has revealed the delivery dates of Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jets to the Russian Aerospace Forces. The new engines of the fifth-generation jets are expected in the second half of the 2020s.
The first set of engine deliveries, planned to be completed by the middle of the 2020s, Su-57 jets would be equipped with fourth-generation engines. After completion of tests, supplies of the engine and fifth-generation power units with increased fuel efficiency and lower life cycle costs will begin. Deliveries of Su-57 fighters with the fifth-generation engines will begin after the mid-2020s, the Russian MoD sources said. According to the initial plan, the Russian Aerospace Forces were to get the first Su-57 fighters in 2020, but deliveries were postponed after a jet crashed during the test flight on December 30, 2019. Russian Aerospace Forces placed an order for 76 Su-57 fighter jets at the Army-2019 forum. On December 27, 2019. Currently, the Su-57 jets are undergoing a series of tests that involve the evaluation of fighters’ functioning systems and operating conditions of the second stage engine. Russian Ministry of Defence also stated that Su-57 was successfully tested in Syria. The Su-57 is a fifth-generation Russian multi-role fighter developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It is the first Russian stealth aircraft and the first brand new fighter designed by the country since the end of the Soviet era. The development of the aircraft began in the early 2000s.

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