Japan selects Mitsubishi to develop next gen.

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Japan has selected Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to develop the next generation of stealth fighters in the country‭, ‬for launch in‭ ‬the 2030s‭, ‬according to Japanese Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi‭, ‬and separately‭, ‬Mitsubishi announced that it will suspend its civilian aircraft project due to the doubts surrounding the travel industry due to the Corona virus pandemic‭.‬

The next-generation fighters‭, ‬now known as the F-X‭, ‬are part of Japan’s modernization of its fleet of legacy combat aircraft as‭ ‬the country builds its military capacity to counter the growing threats from China and North Korea‭.‬

The next-generation stealth aircraft will replace the F-2s jointly developed by Japan and the United States‭, ‬and they are slated‭ ‬to be retired around 2035‭ ‬and the Ministry of Defence is seeking 58.7‭ ‬billion yen‭ ($ ‬556‭ ‬million‭) ‬in the 2021‭ ‬budget to research the plane’s development‭.‬

Al Jundi

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