Airbus delivers first of 16 advanced law enforcement H125 helicopters to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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Airbus Helicopters‭, ‬Inc‭. (‬AHI‭) ‬has delivered the first of 16‭ ‬new H125‭ ‬helicopters uniquely configured for U.S‭. ‬Customs and Border Protection‭ (‬CBP‭) ‬Air and Marine Operations‭ (‬AMO‭). ‬AMO collaborated with AHI as part of a long-term fleet upgrade initiative‭, ‬and the resulting configuration has led to one of the most advanced‭, ‬high-tech law enforcement helicopters ever developed‭.‬

Known for its power‭, ‬versatility and excellent performance in hot and high conditions‭, ‬the H125‭ ‬features dual hydraulics‭, ‬dual channel engine FADEC‭, ‬a crash resistant fuel system‭, ‬and advanced glass-panel cockpit displays‭. ‬The H125‭ ‬is the single most popular law enforcement helicopter in the U.S‭., ‬accounting for nearly half of all helicopters delivered for that mission in North America over the last decade‭. ‬

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