Russia manufactures new icebreaker

Vyborg Shipyard PJSC (a subsidiary of the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation) has announced the start of production of a new icebreaker.

“The Vyborg plant has started manufacturing the parts for the new diesel icebreaker as a part of Project 21900М2. This ship will have a power capacity of 18 megawatts,” the company said in a statement.

The ships developed with the framework of project 21900M2″ project are upgraded versions of the 21900М icebreakers”.

The “21900M2” ships, of which the Russian “Vyborg” plant built 3 before, are characterized by their ability to move in waters covered with ice thickness of 1.5 m.

The deck of the new ship is with helipads, and it is used to make way through the ice for other ships, towing operations, transport, and provide assistance for ships in distress.

Equipped with fast rescue boats, winches, and other rescue equipment, the icebreaker can be used for fighting fires on floating facilities and other structures, ensuring efficient operation of scientific.

Al Jundi

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