Pakistan deploys new locally made military ship

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The shipyard in Karachi recently witnessed a ceremony dedicated to the launching of a new military ship into the water, the 3rd “Babur” class ship to be developed for the Pakistani Navy.

In 2018, Pakistan signed contracts with Turkish companies to manufacture 4 cruisers for its navy. Under the terms of the contracts, the first two of these ships are manufactured in Turkey, and the other two ships are manufactured in Pakistan.

Each Babur ship is about 108.8 m long, and 14.8 m wide, with a speed of 31 nautical knots, and a range of 3,500 nautical miles on each mission.

The ship’s armament system includes 76-millimeter cannons manufactured by the Italian Leonardo, 35-mm, 25-mm machine guns, and 324-mm torpedoes.

Al Jundi

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