New innovations from Lockheed Martin

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Lockheed Martin‭, ‬the United States-based global technology leader has diverse portfolio of aerospace and defence solutions ‭.‬
This year‭, ‬Lockheed Martin highlighted some new capabilities that support aerospace and defence industry development in the region‭ ‬–‭ ‬including its integrated air and missile defence technology‭, ‬ground-based air defence systems‭, ‬radars‭, ‬a space-themed Majlis and much more‭ .‬
Lockheed Martin focused mainly on the multi-mission C-130‭ ‬LM-100J‭. ‬The L-100s service a niche market‭, ‬delivering oversize cargo‭ ‬such as oil and natural gas drilling equipment to short and often unimproved airfields that have no infrastructure other than maybe a forklift and a flatbed truck‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬L-100s‭, ‬recognizable by the absence of the two lower windows underneath the aircraft’s windscreen‭, ‬are also used for humanitarian aid‭, ‬airdrop‭, ‬aerial spray‭, ‬VIP transport‭, ‬aerial firefighting‭, ‬and other‭, ‬similar‭ ‬operations ‭.‬

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