MiG-35 fighter to be equipped with elements of artificial intelligence

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The modern Russian “MiG-35” fighter receives a system equipped with artificial intelligence elements that help the pilot decide in the various critical situations he encounters in the air.

It is noteworthy that the “MiG-35” is the modern multi-role fighter of the 4 ++ generation, and the plane is considered an upgraded model of the “MiG-29K / Kub” and “MiG-29M / M2” fighters.

The fighter was first revealed in January 2017. Its factory tests ended in December 2017. The fighter is designed to fight air battles in conditions of facing intense hostile air defenses.

It is worth noting that the Rostec State Corporation recently made a decision to merge the MiG company with the Sukhoi Corporation and to form a high-tech enterprise that handles the production of all the Sukhoi and MiG warplanes.

Al Jundi

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