Al Qahhar … The Latest Weapon in the Egyptian Army

The Egyptian Armed Forces have received the second frigate of the (MEKO-A200) class, built by the German company (TKMS) at the (SBN) arsenal, marking its entry into service with the Egyptian Navy.

Admiral Ashraf Atwa, the Commander of the Navy, raised the Egyptian flag on the frigate “Al-Qahhar,” which is the second of four MEKO-A200 frigates contracted between Egypt and Germany.

The versatile “Al-Qahhar” frigate is equipped with numerous advanced technological features and modern armament systems that enable it to carry out all combat missions at sea during peacetime and wartime, as well as secure various natural resources at sea.

This makes Al-Qahhar a significant technological addition to the capabilities of the Navy and enhances its ability to protect Egyptian national security.

Al Jundi

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