Expo 2020 visitors: We traveled back in time for decades to come in a realistic experience of the future

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In a world full of ambitions, you set foot on roads, corridors and buildings, telling people’s stories, on a journey called “The Next Life”, so you live the coming years and travel to many countries of the world, in a realistic experience of the future. These phrases summarized the vision of the visitors of “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

In a field survey conducted by the Emirates News Agency, WAM, age groups of Expo visitors ranging from 5 to over 65 years old said: “We spent a realistic journey in the coming time with a visual vision of different regions of the world,” noting that visiting the Expo is a journey full of dazzling and entertainment. Diversity, information and linking history to the future in a special kind of travel.

Specialists in psychiatry, human development and sociology, who visited the exhibition several times, stated that the experience of visiting “Expo 2020 Dubai” achieves unlimited effects on the orientations of individuals, supported by ambition and optimism, stressing that the Expo gives its visitors options for change in future life, economic and educational plans.

They said that the Expo is a realistic experience for the future, noting that the Emirati identity outlines global tolerance in Expo 2020, as a method for human life in the future, describing Expo 2020 Dubai as a “cosmic village that inspires its visitors with human knowledge.”

The poll included several questions about the effects of the experience of visiting the Expo on visitors to the exhibition, the expected results, and the impact of the influx of heads of States and world celebrities in various fields to visit the Expo.

Achievement merit

The survey participants agreed that they experienced the quality of life during the visiting hours, from the moment of arrival to departure, far exceeding what they see in fantasy films, noting that with the recurrence of the trip, the desire for this coexistence and hope to achieve it permanently during the next few years is renewed, which is what Refers to the merit of achieving the exhibition slogan “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”.

One language

At first, Ananda Vera from India, in her mid-seventies, said: “Ibhar (dazzlement) the word that I can speak to you. I visited Expo for three days and every day I discovered that I am on a journey to dazzlement and saw a new world.” “I asked My grandchildren come to Dubai to visit Expo 2020, as it is an opportunity may not be repeated”.

Villene Michel, a thirty-year-old from Paris, expressed her experience of an unprecedented journey to the future over two days at the Expo, explaining that the various events that take place throughout the day, especially the evening period, constitute one language for the human being that combines feelings with fun, hope and happiness, as well as Al Thuraya Park, which is a unique experience overlooking Expo 2020 Dubai, as if you are in a plane with open windows, through which you see the aesthetics of diverse human gatherings in the race to reach the future.
“I came to visit Expo with a desire to learn about opportunities for small projects, the most attractive countries and incentives for those opportunities,” said 35-year-old Yassine Belkacem from Morocco, noting that he arrived at Expo via the Dubai Metro.

He added: “When I moved from Jebel Ali Station to Expo 2020 Metro, I felt the start of the journey, and as soon as I reached Expo 2020 station, the fascination and amazement were the title of all the corridors and roads, and I came out of the visit with new ideas and vision for future projects, especially in the sectors of technology, food and the environment.

Julia Mark, who is four decades old from America, believes that visiting Expo via the Dubai Metro is an experience in which there is a lot of fascination, surprise and happiness, and touring the corridors, roads, areas and pavilions of Expo. Starting from Al Wasl Square, it is a psychological, cultural and mental dose that forces you to contemplate, learn and have the will to succeed. From my visit to Expo, I gained the will to succeed.

As for Hadi Abdel-Fattah, who comes from Cairo, who is nearing the end of his fifties, he says: “From the Mall of the Emirates station, my journey to Expo began, and after reaching Expo 2020 metro station, you enter corridors and roads topped with guiding signs, all the way to Al Wasl Square and its dome. The directions are distributed with you, and you see people on internal transportation vehicles as if you were living on a space station.

For his part, the Emirati citizen, Mohammed Abdullah, who is in his mid-thirties, pointed out that by arriving at Al Wasl Square, you begin to travel to the future with your eyes, your feet, and your conscience.

World capital

Najeeb Al Shamsi, Economic Adviser and Director General of Al Masar Center for Economic Studies, said: “Expo 2020 Dubai is the largest economic event in the world, and its establishment posed a great challenge in light of the pandemic’s circumstances,” noting that the economic gains will come directly and indirectly, and indicators of ownership have been recorded. Real estate indicator in Dubai and the country has risen as a result of the organization of Expo, despite the pandemic that led to the fear of investors in the world, which was evident in the real estate sector.

Al Shamsi added that the visit of leaders, political leaders and world celebrities to Expo 2020 Dubai, with the aim of seeing the UAE’s experience in organizing the exhibition, indicates the organization’s unprecedented efficiency, and on the other hand it enhances confidence in investment in the UAE, and increases the country’s tourism promotion, which enhances economic diversification. and growth rates.

Al Shamsi pointed out that the UAE’s organization of the first Expo in the Middle East and North Africa stimulated many countries in the region to apply to host Expo, at the forefront of these countries is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, noting that the UAE has become the gateway to global investment and global trade, and Expo has created a global language for innovation, and the participating countries have benefited from the exhibition aims to introduce its tourism potential and investment opportunities.

Expo 2020 Dubai will witness the conclusion of many deals worth billions of dollars in various sectors.

Economist Reda Muslim, General Manager of “Truth Economic and Administrative Consultations” expected signing huge investment deals between many countries during the exhibition period, which contributes to moving the global economy towards recovery from the repercussions of the pandemic and entering into a new economic cycle.

Muslim said: “The UAE became the capital of the world in various fields during Expo 2020 Dubai, and the UAE achieved a new imprint in its global experience by insisting on hosting Expo despite the effects of the “Covid 19″ pandemic around the world.”

He pointed out that the economic returns of the exhibition are extended and diversified in terms of the growth of the national economy, hotel occupancy, real estate ownership, tourism and aviation, and the increase in the attractiveness of foreign investment as a result of the increasing confidence and reliability in the quality of life in the UAE and the legislation stimulating all investment activities.

He stated that Expo constitutes a long-term investment in the future of the UAE, leaving a sustainable economic legacy that enhances the UAE’s survival as a leading destination for business, entertainment and investment.

Unprecedented edition

For his part, Fahad Heikal, a media personality and certified trainer in Happiness, Director General of Nafas Center for Training and Development, said: “The UAE, through Expo 2020 Dubai, is experiencing global tolerance, supported by the Emirati identity, which has won acceptance by the world, and the Emirati passport that has been ranked first in the world in the countries to which it is permitted to enter without a prior visa, in embodiment of the diplomatic strength, Emirati identity and its values that enhance human brotherhood.

He explained that Expo visit is a kind of unprecedented training courses in the development of thought, conscience and imagination, where interaction with various cultures participating in the exhibition and travel to the future in a collective experience for humanity, pointing out that humanity has not witnessed throughout its history this rapprochement and fusion in one crucible towards the future.

He noted that visiting Expo is an experience that summarizes several decades to come, stressing that Expo gives its visitors the options to change the future life, economic and educational plans, so Expo is a realistic narrative of the future, with hours of quality of life in various countries of the world.

Aspirations and dreams

During the survey, a group of tomorrow’s generations met, ranging in age from 12 to 17, who stated that “Expo 2020 Dubai” constitutes a scientific roadmap for the future based on data and innovations, pointing out that they rethink their ambitions and dreams of school and turn to studies related to nature, technology, economy and data industry.

16-year-old Arnold Thomas said: “Visiting Expo is an experience to create the future and look at innovations that add a new color of ambitions and dreams and repeat our steps in planning for tomorrow. His colleague, Brian Ibrahim, 15, believes that Expo has established in his mind the necessity of linking future with history, pointing to his decision to more learn about the history of China and Egypt.

Abdullah Al-Ali, 12 years old, says: “Expo is a state of interaction between man and place, and several pavilions fascinated me, including the UAE, Belarus, Hungary, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait,” noting that the exhibition provides a huge amount of information and data that establishes a global encyclopedia on human history in the near future.

As for Zine El-Din Abdel Wahab, 13 years old, he points out that Expo constitutes a geographical map of a scientific future based on data and multiculturalism, and how science can lead us to a better life.

Expo passport

In the age group of 7 to 10 years, Expo passport was like a mobile to identify the pavilions, and “William Makarem” 7 years old accompanied by his mother carried an Expo passport, and when asked about his experience with the exhibition, he automatically opened the passport and talked about the Brazilian pavilion, and shared with him Experience “Andre Lopez” from Portugal, 6 years old, who chose Brazil as his favorite pavilion with water toys, robots and food.

The passport was designed in the form of a passport and its design is inspired by the heritage of the Emirates, and aims to link the past with present, and contains 50 pages with various designs and images of the pavilions of the three main themes: Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility.

Thank you, Mohammed bin Rashid

A few steps away from the exit of the northern side of Expo, a group of the future generation in the UAE, aged between 5 and 10 years, who are Hessa, Hamid, Mohammed, Amna, Ahmed, Hammoud and Sheikha, expressed their admiration for the vision pavilions, the Emirates, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, and spontaneously and admirably said: Thank you, Mohammed bin Rashid.

They added: “We learned in the Vision Pavilion that future is better, and that we have made the future, and we learned from the stories of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him” that wealth lies in will, idea, perseverance and challenge. We learned a lot and feel that we have entered A new phase of life after our visit to Expo, so thank you .. Mohammed bin Rashid.”

Expo innovations

Expo 2020 Dubai continues to maintain the tradition of Expo editions by showcasing the most important innovations by revealing the latest technologies from around the world. Al Wasl Square, the largest unsupported dome in the world, is the most important landmark of Expo 2020, and will remain an exceptional center in District 2020. Expo Live program supported innovations from 76 countries with funding of up to $100,000 for each innovative project.

Cosmic village

Dr. Ahmed Falah Al-Amoush, Professor of Sociology at the University of Sharjah, said: “The effects of Expo on visitors represent a new and innovative cultural and cognitive stage, and the UAE society in Expo represents a global village of cultural diversity and multinationalism.”
He added, “The exhibition represents a unique case of cultural diversity, and visitors are inspired by the experience of human brotherhood.”

He stressed the world’s need to consolidate tolerance and human brotherhood through 6 months of daily coexistence with the various inhabitants of the earth, saying: All age groups that visit Expo see the light through diverse knowledge, so Expo is a symbolic civilization for human societies.

He explained that he visited some pavilions, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, and each pavilion represents a unique and special case for a specific community, but within Expo it is integrated to paint the future picture of the human community.

Infinite Effects

In turn, Dr. Nisreen Al-Saadouni, a consultant psychiatrist at Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital in Abu Dhabi, indicated that the visit to Expo 2020 Dubai has significant impacts on visitors in terms of their orientations for the future, especially in investment, education, immigration and tourist destinations, pointing out that she has visited the exhibition several times and intends to repeat the visit other several times.

She explained that the exhibition positively affects the thoughts and feelings of visitors, participants and followers in varying proportions, as the visitors and participants are most affected by the experience of entertainment, innovation, imagination and hope.

She said: “All the pavilions that I visited stopped me because each pavilion has a special case that gives its visitors a historical and future imprint of that country,” noting that she visited the UAE pavilion, which tells of an exceptional experience, and in the Egyptian pavilion was the fascination with history and the future, and in the Saudi pavilion you see various patterns of life. In Russia, I found the development of the pharmaceutical industry and its effects.

Al-Saadouni added: “Expo is an hour in which the future is summoned and met on the ground at the exhibition site, and Expo is a realistic journey to the future, after which people return with new directions and patterns of thinking and feelings towards the future,” noting that a visit to Expo gives its visitors the opportunity to live for hours within a decade or two or three decades from next time, according to the plans and projects presented in the pavilions of the participating countries.

She stressed that Expo represents a realistic experience of life in the future, stressing that it is an experience based on data, information, plans being implemented and real and not imaginary innovations, and here lies the difference between life in the future frankly and life in the future based on imagination that may or may not be achieved.

Poll results

The poll concluded with a conviction drawn from the visitors of the exhibition, saying: “Expo 2020 Dubai gives its visitors the options to change the life, economic and educational plans of the future…Expo is a realistic experience of the future…Expo gives its visitors the opportunity to live for hours in the coming decades.”

The survey participants described their visit to Expo in brief words, saying: “We met openness, communication and tolerance in the Emirates, unlimited ambitions in Saudi Arabia, future cities in Singapore, going for history through thousands in China and Egypt, we listened to the sound of nature in Azerbaijan, we lived with water and rivers in Brazil and Hungary. We saw the industrial economy of Canada, saw the technology and manpower of India, were inspired by France and Croatia, dazzled by the snow cover in Finland, saw life on the Internet in Estonia, we went to the future with technology in Austria, we were charmed by geography in Pakistan and Kazakhstan, and we knew that there were opportunities without borders in Africa.

Al Jundi

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