DEFEA 2021 International Defense‭ & ‬Security Exhibition in Greece Attracts major global defense companies

Al-Jundi Journal‭, ‬which is keen to permanently participate in the most important local‭, ‬Arab and international military exhibitions‭, ‬and to build strong relationships with major manufacturers of defense technologies around the world‭, ‬sent a delegation‭, ‬headed by Editor-in-Chief‭, ‬Captain Saeed Obaid Al Ketbi‭, ‬to the DEFEA 2021‭ ‬International Defense and Security Systems Exhibition‭, ‬which was held on July 13‭, ‬2021‭ ‬and lasted until last July 15‭ ‬in the Greek capital‭, ‬Athens‭, ‬under the patronage of the Greek Minister of Defense‭, ‬His Excellency Nicholas Panayotopoulos‭.‬

The 3-day defense exhibition attracted about 315‭ ‬exhibitors from 22‭ ‬countries and more than 45‭ ‬government and military delegations from 35‭ ‬countries‭. ‬Thousands of people visited the event in light of strict health and precautionary measures to safeguard the safety of visitors and participants in the framework of preventing the spread of viruses and epidemics‭.‬

Al Jundi tours the exhibition

During a tour that included a number of pavilions and platforms of Greek and international companies specialized in the military‭ ‬and security industries‭, ‬the delegation was briefed on the latest defense and security systems‭, ‬land‭, ‬sea and air‭, ‬and national‭ ‬defense systems for electronic security displayed by the companies during the exhibition‭, ‬as well as a meeting with representatives of countries and senior defense company officials to get acquainted with the most important innovations‭, ‬smart systems and‭ ‬the latest systems produced by modern military technology and artificial intelligence in the field of defense‭.‬

The participants in this edition of the Greek Defense Exhibition considered that this long-awaited event constituted a valuable‭ ‬opportunity to showcase their latest defense industries and innovations‭, ‬and was also credited with building bridges of cooperation and partnership with participating countries and delegations and concluding many deals‭.‬

Philip Minkin‭, ‬director of business development at the Greek company‭ “‬Thion sensors‭”, ‬which specializes in the manufacture of reconnaissance devices‭, ‬night vision and thermal imaging systems‭, ‬told Al-Jundi Journal that the new products the company showcased at the exhibition had great resonance with many countries‭, ‬especially the European ones‭. ‬He expressed his hope that their new‭ ‬defense products will receive interest from the Middle East countries‭, ‬such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in particular‭, ‬as the company seeks to expand and develop its business in the Gulf region‭.‬

For his part‭, ‬Konstantinossokos‭, ‬President of the Greek company SOUCOS ROBOTS specialized in defense systems‭, ‬said that through‭ ‬this exhibition‭, ‬the company was able to build partnerships with countries and investors from around the world‭. ‬Speaking to Al-Jundi‭, ‬he added that the Greek defense company seeks to consolidate its relations and cooperation with the United Arab Emirates‭, ‬as it is one of the most important countries in the world in which the company seeks to develop its business during the coming period‭.‬

Soukos talked about the latest defense products presented at the international event‭, ‬praising the company’s new laser weapon‭, ‬describing it as the weapon of the future‭.‬

During its tour in the exhibition‭, ‬Al Jundi Journal met with those in charge of the Greek‭ ‬“HELLENIC”‭ ‬pavilion‭, ‬specialized in aerospace industry‭, ‬where‭ ‬“Ionis B‭. ‬Kotras”‭, ‬Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company‭, ‬spoke to‭ ‬“Al-Jundi”‭ ‬about the company’s programs and new products‭, ‬while‭ ‬“Dimetriospakostas”‭ ‬CEO of the company spoke about the partnership and cooperation relations that the company has with the United Arab Emirates‭, ‬and its expansion programs during the next phase‭.‬

The International Defense and Security Systems Exhibition DEFEA 2021‭ ‬constituted a great opportunity for international companies‭ ‬operating in the defense sector to display their land‭, ‬air and sea products‭. ‬The European Defense Systems MBDA Group participated in this exhibition‭, ‬with state-of-the-art products and systems that received great interest by major manufacturers and countries interested in advanced military systems‭, ‬according to Stefano Bertozzi‭, ‬Head of Maritime System European Group‭.‬

In the same context‭, ‬Herve Pouille from the French Naval Group‭, ‬which specializes in naval defense industries‭, ‬said that this exhibition enabled the company to reach its customers and also enabled it to showcase its new capabilities and potentials‭.‬

On the other hand‭, ‬there was a presence of the Israeli defense companies in this defense exhibition‭, ‬where Elbit Defense Systems‭ ‬Company showcased its capabilities and products at this international exhibition‭, ‬along with the Israeli company Rafael for Military Industries‭.‬

In an interview with Al-Jundi‭, ‬Ran Kreil‭, ‬Executive Vice President of Elbit‭, ‬said that this exhibition constitutes an unparalleled opportunity in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic around the world‭.‬

Meanwhile‭, ‬Ariel Karno of the Israeli company Rafael for Military Industries talked about the latest naval‭, ‬air and land military systems that his company showcased in this international exhibition‭, ‬and said that the company seeks in the near future to be‭ ‬at the forefront of companies with advanced military technologies in the region‭.‬

Strengthening the bonds of cooperation

On the other hand‭, ‬on the sidelines of his visit to the Greek capital‭, ‬Athens‭, ‬the delegation of Al-Jundi Journal visited the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates‭, ‬where the delegation met the Emirati military attaché to Greece‭, ‬Brigadier General Jassim Al‭-‬Sharfa‭.‬

During the meeting‭, ‬they discussed strengthening joint cooperation to serve the UAE and its defense sector in various ways‭, ‬especially those related to defense media‭.‬

The two sides exchanged views on many issues and topics of common interest‭, ‬and at the end of the meeting‭, ‬memorial medals were‭ ‬exchanged‭.‬

It should be noted that since its establishment in 1973‭, ‬Al-Jundi Journal has built strong relationships and strategic cooperation partnerships with a large number of companies operating in the military sector locally‭, ‬regionally and globally‭, ‬through its‭ ‬permanent annual participation in the most important international‭, ‬local‭, ‬and Arab defense exhibitions where it has carried out‭ ‬comprehensive media coverage that keeps pace with events and meets the needs of its readers and followers‭.

Compiled by‭: ‬Editorial Board
Photography‭: ‬Muhammad Hassan Al-Shaer

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