The US Army Successfully Tests Artificial Intelligence Model

The US Army has successfully tested an artificial intelligence model using classified data to perform military tasks, achieving what reports describe as a “successful” outcome.

Colonel Matthew Strohmeyer, a member of the US Air Force, conducted the testing of a significant linguistic model for a military mission.

Strohmeyer emphasized that the experiment was “very successful and very fast.”

He added that currently, requesting information from employees who use phones and presentations in a specific part of the armed forces may take hours or even days, while the test demonstrated that one of the artificial intelligence tools can complete the request in just 10 minutes.

The Colonel pointed out that “this does not mean that the artificial intelligence tools have now reached maturity, but we have done it directly and using classified data.”

He further added that the technology could be utilized by the army soon.

Reports indicate that the US Army is testing five artificial intelligence models as part of exercises led by the Pentagon’s Digital Directorate and Artificial Intelligence. These tests also involve participation from senior military leaders and US allies.

However, the Pentagon has not disclosed specific details about the large-scale language models being tested.

Al Jundi

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